If B2B marketers do nothing else, they should follow these 9 rules.

The Sales Lead Management Association recently invited its members to vote for the 50 Most Influential Sales Lead Management Professionals. Jim Journalist with microphoneObermayer, host and author on the Association’s blog, has been conducting a series of interviews, each featuring one of the “winners.”

As a member of the Association and subscriber to its blog, I have been reading and learning from each interview. Recent interviewee Joe Lethert of Perfomark gave two answers that were so on-target for B2B marketing best practices that I feel they are worth sharing.

In the area of lead generation, when asked, “Which 4 basic skills or process steps do you recommend,” he answered . . .

  1. “Start with a great database – it will reduce your costs by as much as 50%. If you don’t have one, build it.
  2. Shoot for depth in your profiles. People buy from us not for what they know about us, but for what we know about them.
  3. Build a comprehensive nurturing program based on delivering only relevant data, at the right time in the buying process, in the prospects’ preferred media, and all based on the prospects’ profile data.
  4. Measure everything. Testing and refining should grow your ROI by 10%+ per year even if you’re already an industry leader.”

In the area of lead nurturing, when asked, “If someone wants to nurture sales inquiries, what process would you recommend?” he answered . . .

  1. “Become a trusted source of reliable data. Most buyers will not want to engage with sales until they have done their due diligence.
  2. All content must be relative to the prospect’s needs, which should be specifically defined in your database.
  3. All interaction should be appropriate to the stage in the buying cycle for that individual prospect.
  4. Measure the effectiveness of timing, message, offer and media for each type of prospect.
  5. Do not buy into the perfect process. Keep continually improving it.”

This isn’t new advice. I and other B2B marketing bloggers have shared this information many times in many forms. But his advice is so direct, so concise and so well-said that I would advise B2B marketers to print it out and use it as a daily reminder to focus on these processes, which have proven to make lead generation and nurturing efforts successful and profitable.



  • By Stephanie Tilton, March 9, 2010 @ 6:03 am

    Thanks for sharing this list and for the pointer to the Association’s blog. You’re right — there’s plenty of talk about best practices around content marketing and lead nurturing, and sometimes that’s the problem. I imagine many B2B marketers feel like their heads are spinning. A checklist like this should prove valuable for anyone trying to keep the basics in mind.


  • By Susan, March 9, 2010 @ 12:02 pm

    As a consultant specializing in B2B trade show marketing, I’m always talking to potential clients about the importance of putting strategies into place that are measureable so that they can improve performance and results based on knowing what works and what doesn’t. The statement Jim makes – to measure everything because testing and refining should grow ROI by 10% – is powerful.

  • By Effective B2B Marketing Tools, May 18, 2010 @ 1:43 am

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