How to effectively use B2B marketing

Return on investment

While consumer marketing is a broad advertisement targeting audience, B2B marketing is specific with a concrete marketing plan targeting companies.

Consumers tend to employ emotions in making decisions when purchasing a product. In this business concept, the return on investment is what determines where they take the product or not.

When a multinational chooses to sponsor an event, it’s not all about the sponsorship- corporate social responsibility (CSR). There is a business sense in such a decision. 

A typical example of a business to the business market chain

Have you ever thought of the processes the shirt you put on has gone through to reach the market?

It starts with the farmer; the farm inputs come in handy to determine the quality of the cotton produced.

 Later, the fabric making industries buy the farm produce and spin it to make the desired fabric.

Spinners, on the other hand, are on different level-making different materials. The dressmaking companies now buy the products and use their design skills to make the shirt according to the fashion trends.

The business chain doesn’t end there; some wholesalers and retailers now want the finished products to stock in their shops.

Before reaching you in a distant continent, shipping companies are involved in this supply chain to get them at your designated store.

In this whole model, no consumer is involved; it’s purely corporate in the business deals. That is the power of selling to businesses.