About Us

Who Are We?

About The Founder – Steve J. Marby

B2B marketing Smarts is not any other marketing blog. It comes from a strong marketing background of the founder with vast experience in overseeing growth in markets from both the developing and developed countries.

 Steve managed to sail through the delicate energy sector to ensure the company he represented as the marketing manager became the best in terms of oil sales.

Away from marketing, Steve has held high-end leadership positions in various petroleum companies defining his success.

He brings on board the experiences in corporate business to the blog to ensure you listen from successful business people when it comes to marketing.

This is not any other blog; it’s an authoritative blog that equips you with the right business models in the competitive business world.

Our mission

Our mission is to give you practical marketing strategies ideal for creating strong business relationships between companies.

Moreover, with our in-depth knowledge of this business principle, we tend to provide you with insights on how to use b2b connections for the benefits of increasing profit margins.

Our overall goal is to ensure investors embrace B2B marketing for business growth.

Besides the knowledge and training manuals we provide, the information comes in handy for both novices and experts in commerce to customize the strategies to their business for customer retention and loyalty.

Our Vision

The drive

Steve J. Mabry has been in business since time immemorial as an investor and an employee. He understands the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that exist in the market.

The drive to build this website for all information on matters business to business marketing comes from the passion for ensuring companies do business right based on the current trends.

 “The silly mistakes I see in companies that deter their growth is the push to have this blog for marketing education purposes,” he quotes.