B2B Marketing


What is B2B Marketing?

Businesses build other businesses- that is the concept of B2B marketing. Instead of selling your product or service directly to the consumer, you use other business supply chains to reach your target market.

The changing trends in business models give this specific model leverage to increase profits.

Entrepreneurs prefer to purchase from companies rather than freelance investors with no business base.

Look at social media pages of companies and investors offering the same products. The number of followers in the former is massive than the latter.

This alone tells you that there is more trust in reputable companies than struggling ones. It is this backdrop that B2B marketing relies on.

About Us

B2B Marketing Smarts

Business to business marketing contributes to high business income than solely depending on consumers.

The business model takes marketing to a high level. It gives leverage to companies and their products they stock to reach new markets using the local systems.

 B2B Marketing Smarts is a blog focussing on educating you on the business trends ideal in making sure you increase your customer base through B2B marketing.

This is the same marketing systems that most stores use. They provide the market while you- the investor- avail the goods.

 Within the systems, you get to have your merchandisers with ideas and tips to ensure you control a high market share than your competitors.

What We Do ?

We are different in terms of the dissemination of information.

Once we give you all the manuals and documentation on what you need to gain from B2B marketing, we go the extra mile and hold webinars for interactive sessions on practical issues around marketing. The social personality of the founder makes him accessible to all fans.

He is one person you can write an email and be sure he reads and personally gets back to you with honest and genuine advice on what you need to do to your business.