B2B Lead Generation and Networking

Leveraging LinkedIn Groups for B2B Lead Generation and Networking

LinkedIn Groups are powerful tools for B2B professionals looking to expand their networks, establish thought leadership, and generate leads. In this article, we’ll explore the strategies and best practices for leveraging LinkedIn Groups effectively for B2B lead generation and networking. The Benefits of Joining LinkedIn Groups LinkedIn Groups offer a platform for like-minded professionals to … Read more

B2B Marketing Ideas

5 B2B Marketing Ideas You Can Implement (Almost) Instantly.

I’ve been delinquent in keeping up with my favorite blogs and staying up to date on today’s latest B2B marketing practices. Today I tried to catch up. All of the advice was very good — excellent, in fact — but it was also painful advice. That’s because, without exception, every post concerned big-picture B2B marketing … Read more

B2B Marketing Shalt Not Speak In Strange Tongues

It’s always nice to read someone else’s very solid argument in favor of some B2B marketing position I advocate. I had this experience last week when reading the words of Peter Helmer on the MENG Blend blog. His post “For an Effective Elevator Speech, Obey the Ten Commandments” discussed one of my favorite topics — … Read more

Getting Over Our Own Marketing Bias

This morning, as I reviewed the various opt-in marketing pubs I get daily, I realized that a good 85% of the topics relate to social and mobile media. Cell PhoneThese are today’s hot topics, but it remains to be seen how those media will ultimately fall into the overall market mix. It started with instant … Read more

B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing And Sales Is Still About People.

Paul Mosenson, President of NuSpark Marketing, is a very handy colleague to have. As a content aficionado, he frequently forwards valuable B2B marketing info that I might miss seeing otherwise. Recently he sent me a copy of a report from 2009 loaded with interesting insight into the behavior of business buyers. The 202 pages in … Read more

B2B Marketing Best Practices

Step #1 in creating ideal B2B lead generation copy. After a short stint writing copy at an ad agency, I discovered the world of B2B direct marketing. The difference that made me love it is that B2B direct marketing requires an action on the part of the prospect or customer — so every dollar that’s … Read more